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seo Passionately Penned.

You know what we love? We love when a piece speaks. Whether it's through artful design, a clever bit of prose, or a blissful user experience, if it elicits emotion from whoever's on the other end, we feel we've done our job well.

Putting pen to paper kind of feels like a lost art, doesn't it? We do our best to inject personality into our projects, and we understand our industry is largely digital. But try as those handwriting fonts might, they just don't measure up.

Hardly anybody writes letters anymore… it's a shame, really. You can tell so much from written notes: was the writer so excited to get the words out they mixed cursive with print? Or did they carefully craft each letter to perfection? Oh, and how red-letter do you feel when someone takes time to handwrite you a note? The extra effort goes a long way toward really speaking your message.

We would love to see more personal correspondence take place without the help of a keyboard. "For example, take Christina. She brought her own style to boring old text messages and made lots of people feel really special in the process. We love it.

What do you think? Could you add something extra special to your relationships by writing personal messages every now and then?

Quick bits.

And finally...

If you're grabbing a pen and reaching out to your customers, you might as well do it on stationery created specifically for your brand. We'll design custom correspondence cards for you for just $200.

(BONUS! Printing them on nice paper isn't as cumbersome as you might think. We recently printed 500 cards for a client on a fantastic linen stock, and the bill was under $300!)



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