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seo Finally, spam-protected email accounts that work!

Spam is on the rise. You’ve probably noticed it in your inboxes, and we’ve noticed it on our servers. We had employed increasingly complicated measures to help cut it, but it just kept coming.

We’ve done tons of research and spent time auditing a variety of solutions. Today, we’re happy to announce that we have a new solution for spam emails. Our spam-protected accounts use the wisdom of crowds to cut down on the junk that actually hits your screen. If one of you marks an email as junk, the rest of you won’t get it.

In real-world tests, we’ve seen spam volume drop from a hundred a day to zero. Actually zero. And with few or no false positives marked.

In addition to better spam and virus protection, the upgrade will also get you 25GB of storage per account and up to 50MB of attachments. See details below.

Quick Bits

And Finally…

Those new spam protected emails do come at a cost, but the good news is they are ridiculously inexpensive when you consider the time you spend digging through the refuse that people hurl at you.

This month only, you can get spam-protected accounts for $3 per address per month. Next month, they will be offered at their regular price of $5 per month. Let us know if you’re interested by hitting reply. We’ll do all the setup and transition for you.



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