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seo Your Links Might Be Broken

Depending on how long your website has been active— one year, three years, five years— you could have a bunch of broken links on your site. Unfortunately, when a company changes websites or takes down their site, your links don’t automatically get updated. This means that your readers might go to an old blog post or landing page only to find that the links don’t work or that they redirect elsewhere.

Relieve Frustration

If your blog has multiple broken internal or external links, readers might be dissuaded from checking back on your site. Your customers might imagine that if you don’t update your links, you don’t care about your content. If you don’t care about your content, they might think that you don’t care about them. It’s a vicious cycle that can frustrate and annoy your readers — forcing them to go to different sites and different companies to save themselves the trouble. By ensuring that all of your links are active and updated, you can provide a legitimate and up-to-date experience for your readers.

Quick Bits

And Finally…

Let us update your broken links so your customers keep coming back to your site. Reply to this email and we’ll give you a free broken link report.



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