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seo Recently, some clients have asked us what the best way to receive a high ROI while staying true to their brand is. One answer is the newsletter. The newsletter is an effective and inexpensive way to reach your customers and increase your sales.

According to Gigaom, “One of the reasons why newsletters work is that they act as a smart filter for people overwhelmed by the stream of real-time news.” Newsletters are a way for you to provide a trusted channel through which your customers can receive news, articles, or information about your company, products, or service. It’s a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to reach a wide number of users at once.

The most appealing aspect of newsletter marketing is that you can target a specific market. Unlike blogs, newsletters can be sent out to a specific group of people— say, for example, your top 10 customers, your least active customers, or people who signed up for your service once and then stopped using it. The more specific and targeted your newsletter, the more likely it is that customers will open, read, and react to your information.

And when you use newsletters, you’ll be able to hit a 2-in-1 ideal: save money and increase sales with one step. Based on their data, Campaign Monitor found that emails receive even higher ROI than affiliate marketing or paid searches. The bottom line is that if you’re overlooking newsletters, you might be losing out on your bottom line.

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