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Does Your Website Look Fuzzy?

seo It’s not always immediately obvious, but did you know that some devices, including many smartphones, have high-resolution screens? Let’s break it down a bit. High-resolution screens are screens that display a high number of pixels per square inch, so when you view high-resolution images on those screens, they look crisp, clear, and in-focus. Sounds great, right? But there’s one problem: many companies only have low-res images on their sites.

Low-res images don’t have enough colored dots per square inch to fill up all the spaces on the high-res screen, so the result is going to be a fuzzy image. That means that whenever a customer loads your website, they’ll spend most of their time squinting to figure out exactly what they’re looking at. The good news is that high-resolution images will look sharp no matter what device your customers are using.

Many sites are currently outfitted with low-res images only, but luckily, it’s pretty easy to update a website to a higher resolution. If you incorporate high-res images into your design, your entire site will present one professional cohesive package. And what better way to show your customers you care than by presenting high-quality information with a high-quality display?

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And Finally…

Let us generate high-resolution images for your website. Reply to this email and we’ll chat about retrofitting your old images with high-resolution ones.



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