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logo packageWe recently started a new program we're pretty excited about. One thing that seems to be recurring for small businesses is that they lose things. Especially their logos...

We get a request a week to pull a logo from backup, and send it off to some vendor. Which is fine, that's what we're here for. But it occurred to us, a logo is a really big deal, why don't these people know where it lives?

We decided to take the blame. Currently, when we finish a logo job, we email the files to the client. Then we move on to the next project... But it's not enough!

The birth of a new logo is like ringing a bell on It's a Wonderful Life. An angel gets his wings, unicorns and rainbows descend from the clouds. It's a big big deal for us, and for the life of the company we designed it for.

So we decided to put a more authoritative cap on the finale of a logo project. Now we send these little custom packages with a thumb drive containing all the files for their logo. That way our clients know right where it lives! For our new clients, we don't tell them in advance we're going to do it, it's not part of our pitch. It's just a nice little thing to do to make sure they know we care.

So as they open up the mail one day they can smile, and turn to run down the street screaming "Zuzu's petals Zuzu's petals!" at the top of their lungs. Too deep of a reference? Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u56OqFjs1dg

Quick bits.

And finally...

We don't want to leave out our existing clients from the cool logo backup disk. If you want one, reply to this email, we'll get you one. (no joking, we mean it)


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