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logo packageThere are some years we can sort of coast into the holidays. These are the years when our workload is relatively light, and the phone stays pretty quiet throughout the day. People are out shopping, spending time with family - the usual. There are years when not a whole lot of anything gets done just before the holidays.

This wasn't one of those years! We've been cranking it hard these last few weeks, squeezing in jobs left and right, adjusting our workflow to accommodate last minute launches. We've been coming in early, and staying late to make sure launch day goes smoothly. Don't get us wrong, we love launch day, so the fact that we've recently had four of them has given us an extra burst of energy! At day's end, though, all this action has us carrying our stress in our shoulders...

So, we're ready to kick back and take a proverbial breather. We usually take off the week between Christmas and New Years, and we'll be doing it again this year. The office lights will be turned off, but that doesn't mean our brains will be. As usual, we'll be looking in the rear view mirror at everything that transpired in 2012. But more importantly, we'll take a hard look at what we want to see come true in 2013. We want it to be big. We want to achieve things we weren't sure were possible in 2012. We're not only looking to improve the way our studio works; we're taking a look at ourselves individually. Really examining things like the way we spend our time, the effectiveness of the tools we use, and how we can help each other grow. It's amazing the conclusions you come to when you have an extended amount of time to think about them. We're asking ourselves, what's the next step?

We look forward to the break because it's a change from the normal routine. Some of us get out of town. Some of us host family members and try to find ways to entertain kiddos for an entire week. But all of us will be looking forward to getting back to work and kicking off the New Year with a bang. We sincerely hope you feel the same way.

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And finally...

Do you know a charity, or small business that needs help? We donate a certain amount of our time every year to help causes and people that need it. Tell us a name and why you think they deserve some help, and we'll do the rest.

With everything going on in the world, it's been especially hard to feel festive this year. But the holidays are a time for excitement, fun, and falling back in love with your life. So here's our sincere wish for you this holiday: Live more, give more, and love everyone you have a chance to while you have the time to. Happy Holidays.



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