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seo"I want to be at the top of Google search."

We hear it so often, it's almost a running joke at our office. People are obsessed with Google results, and for good reason. For most of us it's our literal lifeline to new business.

Unfortunately there is so much disinformation about the topic that most of our new clients show up on our doorstep pretty confused. The days of "sticking in a bunch of meta keywords" or other loopholes are long gone. Google has only one interest; to provide quality search results. If there is a loophole in their system, count on them closing it fast. If you think you can find a loophole in the first place, remember whose budget is bigger...

To cut through the uncertainty, we've been working on formalizing our process for SEO. We think we do a fantastic job of building websites that perform well in search. But if you are standing still, you are moving backwards. Search engine optimization is all about next steps.

We've been working on several approaches to meet different clients' needs. The options span from a few hours spent picking low hanging fruit, all the way up to independent site audits performed by third parties. (If you want to check how good of a job we're doing, we've worked out exclusive pricing with a couple great companies.)

We're excited to help our clients cut through all the clutter on this topic. There are legitimate things you can do to improve search ranking. Some are expensive, some are cheap, some are free. It's just a case of finding out what budget fits your goals.

Quick bits.

And finally...

Because there is so much uncertainty about SEO, we want to help you hit the ground running. We'll be happy to provide (as always) a free quote on any search engine optimization work you might want done. We'll go a step further this one time, and do the first hour of work free if you sign up for more than an hour of work. (This is going to come back to bite us isn't it...?)



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