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The Perfect Workflow Made Possible by Customization.

Many times, "custom" means selecting from a predetermined set of features. Sometimes that's just not good enough. We're noticing a trend that agrees.


Before we hop on the tech-train, let's think about custom fit orthotics. They're made exactly for your foot, to help your body function as smoothly as possible. The standard, out-of-the-package foot support products might get the job done, but they're not great. They rub awkwardly in some places, making your favorite exercise painful, or force you to walk instead of run, taking you twice as long to get where you're going.

Custom fit orthotics are tailored in every single way. They're perfect, They're yours, and work beautifully with the natural movements of your body. After all, they're made from a mold of your foot.

Where are we going with this?

We're building truly custom applications for some of our clients to help them manage their businesses exactly the way they want. They're embracing the idea of customization and running with it. If they can think it up, it can be created, and that's kind of amazing when you think about it. Never having to say "I wish this worked differently," or "If I could just do this, it would make my life a lot easier." Every checkbox, form field, and action is there for a reason, and that reason is to enable complete fluidity within their companies.

  • We know a couple concierge doctors who are building an EMR custom not only to their clinic, but to concierge practices everywhere. There are tons of EMR software options available today, but none with the option to run your own pharmacy, perform all your own billing, monitor patient charts and track all communications you have with each patient. They want to spend less time on paperwork, and more time with their patients; their app lets them do that.
  • Oh, and we also have a storm-based roofing company who is expanding nationally. Their app allows them to connect with franchisees across the country to provide great customer service and consistent branding. The app's unique notification and communication functions are tailored to their on-the-go business methods.
  • And then there's the non-profit organization who wants to keep their current students and alumni engaged in community events. So they get points for attending these entrepreneurship-associated events, and can turn in their points for actual venture capital toward their very own business ideas. Their application helps them track those points, event attendance and more. This program is unlike anything anywhere else, and so's the application that manages it.

These clients have big ideas that are continually evolving. Even though each of these apps is in use in the real world today, if the client needs a new feature added, they let us know, and we make the adjustment on the fly. It's a platform for continual improvement, something we're all striving for.

Quick bits.

And finally...

Do you think your workflow could improve? Maybe it can! We'll sit down and help you come up with a plan - for free. We're not joking!



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