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seo Responsifying Your Site.

Responsification. Sounds scary, huh? Maybe at first, but don't worry. Soon, your fear will morph into excitement and maybe even a little bit of urgency.

In case you've been under a rock for the past couple years, people are accessing the world wide web from places other than their desktop computers. They're using laptops and mobile devices galore, including tablets and smart phones. They're online all the time - during work hours, on coffee breaks, at stoplights - you get the idea.

This is great for you! Now you have even more opportunities to captivate your audience … if you're ready. How do I get ready, you ask? You make sure your website is functional (and responsive - get it?) on all those different screen sizes. If you're like us, you bail if you reach a broken website on your iPhone. Your customers will do the same thing. So when your goal is to retain visitors after you've attracted them, don't give them a good reason to leave.

At this point you're probably wondering how to make your existing site responsive. Is it even possible? Will you have to redesign from the ground up?

It's totally possible to make a non-responsive site responsive. Creating a responsive site from scratch is easier than transitioning to a non-responsive site, but it's not impossible. So if you're in love with your current design, don't worry! You don't have to give it up in the name of adaptation.

Responsifying your site does more than make it accessible across different mobile platforms. It ensures your site will be relevant for longer. Mobile devices aren't going away, this much we know. It makes sense to adjust to the habits of the consumer, and they're insistent on getting out from behind their desks. But when they are behind their desks, your site will still look as fantastic as it ever did.

Quick bits.

And finally...

We'd love to see you capitalize on the throngs of mobile consumers out there. To help you visualize, this month only we'll mock up the smallest mobile version of your site for just $100. No joking; we mean it!



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